Back from GDC: Decisions now!


0 Comments Mar 28, 2014 Conferences

We had a great week in San Francisco!

Two days of meetings with potential partners and publishers for Shiftlings and three days of showing it off to the public and some media. Unfortunately we were really late with booking GDC Play so there was no preparation time whatsoever (lesson learned..).

It was obviously also way too late to inform the media and attention was mostly by luck (or word of mouth, which was pretty awesome). Having people come by and tell us that “People were telling them to come check out “that shifting game” was a really cool experience.


As always when we show Shiftlings the public is instantly drawn to the graphics and the initial reaction is: “Yeah that looks kinda cool, I think I’ll try”. After that the next step is always “Woah, that is actually much more fun than I thought!” Especially when the first two game mechanics are discovered (no spoilers here, move along, nothing to see!).


The tough part on our side is now to decide if we want to go with a publisher or not. We are in the fortunate position that the Game is fully funded for all three consoles but since it’s our first game on those platforms we are a bit afraid about getting enough exposure on our own. While coverage in the media is great (if we can get it) there is just much more you need to especially get the more casual and family oriented gamers.

QA and approval processes on the platforms and additional localizations are also something we have to keep in mind. Going with a partner/publisher would certainly make those two hurdles easier.

Time will tell 🙂