Exploring Outer Space at Eurogamer Expo


0 Comments Oct 2, 2013 Conferences

Eurogamer Expo in London was great fun and probably the most exciting part about attending was to watch people play and enjoy Shiftlings.

Not only was it truly amazing to see that the game doesn’t seem to alienate anyone, judging from the wide range of folks who tried the game but there were some truly great moments while showing the game over the four days:

One was the mom who mentioned she never played a game before and passed on the opportunity to play co-op. A few minutes later she was totally engaged trying to get through the levels with her son, which they managed without any external help or hints from our side.

Then there was the thirty something who played on his own just to be joined by a 10 year old stranger happily playing along with him. Two people who have never met worked together to get the two quirky fish-bowl-suited alien to safety. We can’t stress enough how amazing that was to experience.

Besides the things mentioned above it was also amazing to see how people enjoyed themselves, laughed, talked to each-other and smiled. A truly social experience, who would’ve thought!

Here are some impressions. We hope the people involved don’t mind.


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