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because you wanted to know more!

SHIFTLINGS is a (quantum) physics based, puzzle platformer in which you you will do your best to control our intrepid pair of lovable non-geniuses who are the absolute latest in space janitorial custodians! Unbeknownst to our trippy techs, they are also the main attraction of  intergalactic reality hypervision! As we peer over their shoulders, they will bravely battle blunders and boo boos on five hY-lariously themed worlds with ten levels each! Our not-so-cunning custodians will do everything, from bouncing on each-other, dragging and dropping space-junk, and stretching that hapless little air-tube to the bursting point to get their shift finished successfully!

SHIFTLINGS also comes with a bone fide, state of the art, fun twist! Our two heroes are connected by an air hose through which they shift their size at moments crucial to surviving the many and, more often than not, fatal hazards that come their way!

SHIFTLINGS’s awesome aesthetic consists of colorful, detailed, quirky, cartoony 3D graphics with fun looking characters and special, lovingly, hand-crafted (by the mega-geniuses over at WePlanet Industries) worlds. Slapstick humor and voice-overs included in copious amounts!


  • Fully physics based shenanigans to surprise you throughout!
  • Jump, drag, shoot, catapult your way through 50 levels with increasing difficulty
  • 5 different unique worlds with their own back story
  • Feed that completionist troll! Grab those pickups and unlock those achievements!
  • Many milky ways lead to Mars. Find the fastest and easiest way through the levels to make it to the top of the global leaderboards
  • Try not to get fried, electrocuted, diced, squeezed, or ended in a smorgasbord of hilarious fashions!
  • Play alone, with a friend locally, or play online – either way, the chaos ahead is yours to choose.
  • Watch the fun cut-scenes and listen to Zookod comment on your successes and, perhaps with more gusto, your failures.

SHIFTLINGS will be available for PC (Steam), Xbox One, Playstation 4 and Wii U.